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BIM Support

We can help you with Early Design Stage, Drawing Production, BIM Modelling, Online Support, Model Review. Any area of BIM that you need help with - we're there.

Project Support

We can provide general project support - whether that is Designing, Drawing Checking, Document Administration, Technical Information and Specification Writing.

Online Training

Our online training can be bespoke hourly Training or scheduled Online Classes. We cover software and design, Autodesk Revit, FormIt, Navisworks, Dynamo & BIM360.

Our Work

Understanding Levels in Revit for SME Architectural Firms

Levels in Revit are considered like magnets. If you attach your wall by top or bottom constraints in the wall properties tab when you move a level then any items attached to that level will move with it. Levels are an important concept to get your head around when starting […]

4 x Ways How Not to Fail Implementing BIM in SME Architectural Firms

1. Plan,Plan,Plan. If you go on holiday you put a plan in place and BIM is no different. When starting a BIM project, consider the end goal you want to achieve? These could be an output of design stage drawings for example. Now work your way back from this point […]

Why Outsourcing Your Architectural BIM Modelling Works…

Outsourcing your BIM modeling...

Revit LT for Small Architectural Firms – Placing Walls

Open Revit LT. Open New Project using Architectural Template. Navigate to Level 0 to place wall. Select Wall Tool or WA on the keyboard. Click to place start of the wall and create a chain of walls by clicking each time the wall ends.

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